A mixture of talent, enthusiasm,
entertainment and soul! This band
are not to be missed - you’ll be buzzin’!
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About The Band

In the beginning...

Early Soulpatch - Zach and JoshIn the summer of 2010, in a small shed in Baffins, Portsmouth, Soulpatch formed for the first time. Lead by the driving and energetic sound of Zach Blues, they experimented with a few different bassists, and soon found the unique talents of Josh Monkcom. With experienced drummer Mick Fielder providing a solid beat, they spent the next year working hard, learning each others talents, and going from strength to strength.

DaveWith the soulful sound of vocalist, Dave Evans, the band soon built up a sizeable and solid catalogue of soul, blues and Motown numbers. Their first few gigs were a massive success, and they quickly gained an instant following, which grew steadily. The word began to spread and the hype intensified. SoulPatch had arrived!


A change of line-up...

Magic MattIn August 2013, Josh decided it was time to move on to other things, and bassist 'Magic' Matt Charman joined the band. Matt had many years experience playing traditional blues, and it was a challenge to shift genres, but he quickly fell into the inescapable groove of SoulPatch. Matt brought another new dimension to the band, with his crazy sense of humour (yes, he really was The Grim Reaper at the Halloween gig!) and solid bass playing.

Zach singingIn February 2014, Dave decided to leave the band, and being the front-man for the band and main vocalist, he left a big hole to be filled! This turned out to be just the push that the band needed however, as Zach stepped up to the plate to sing most of the numbers, and Matt (who had never sung before) discovered he could also hold a sweet note or two!


Going from strength to strength...

Soulpatch Group Photo - Zach, Matt and Mick

The sound that SoulPatch produce is always well received, with repeat bookings at venues again and again! People are always keen to compliment the band after a gig, but the guys have never let this go to their heads. It's all about the real love of music, which is why they're a band not to be missed! With some bookings already 2 years in advance, they're well on the way to being one of the hardest working bands in Portsmouth.


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